Avsnitt 48: Ett samtal med Jessikka Aro om att granska den ryska propagandan i Finland (På engelska)

Now you can listen to episode fortyeight of “I Krig och Fred” (In War and Peace). In this episode you will hear the awardwinning Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro talk about her experience investigating Russian trolls and propaganda in Finland. Jessikka is an investigative journalist at the Finnish Public Broadcasting company YLE,and is currently writing a book about Russian propaganda and Russian trolls.

In the end of the episode Jessikka give some reading tips and you will find them here below:

Patrik Oksanen – “Trolltider – Varning för rysk desinformation”

Martin Kragh & Sebastian Åsberg – “Russia’s strategy for influence through public diplomacy and active measures: the Swedish case” (Article in “Journal of Strategic Studies”)

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